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Dr. Baldwin mentioned Latter-day Saints who are supporting him in this video!  We are proud to be among the members of the Church supporting Chuck Baldwin for President!



    • Justin Hansen
    • Posted September 12, 2008 at 1:02 pm
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    I am strongly considering a vote for Dr Baldwin. I am LDS and feel uneasy about most other canddidates. That said, I was wondering if anyone could help me with research on the topic of Dr Baldwin and other CP candidates being fairly strong anti-Mormon in their views. i am looking for things that support AND refute the notion. If they are anti, this saddens me, but a friend of mine brought up that he will uphold the constitution. If there is another link to the video, please send it to my email, it didn’t load on this page. Thanks for any help you all can give me on this! I plan on casting my vote on 10/20 at an early vote. THanks again.
    Justin Hansen, San Antonio, TX

  1. I can help with this. I met Chuck Baldwin about 4 1/2 years ago and have followed his writings, political alignments, and work since then.

    Chuck has not chosen to affiliate with those who have in times past lead efforts to divide the party along religious lines.

    That effort is perhaps the main reason that we have ballot status in 37 States this year as compared to the 41 in the last Presidential Election.

    Chuck has made it clear that he thinks the Doctrines of Mormonism which differ from those of Protestantism are hugely wrong. But he has also made it amply clear that we have a right to our beliefs and most importantly, that our teachings are NOT wrong on politics. He feels that it is immensely important for us to work together to restore freedom.

    He does not believe in force of conscience, but in freedom to choose one’s way in life.

    He is a very good man and righteously founded. I support him fully, even though I realize how short sighted his Doctrines are when they differ from Mormonism.

  2. You should also know that in the Constitution Party, two of our Regional Chairmen are LDS and at least 3 of our State Chairmen, it may be higher.

    • Porter Rockwell
    • Posted October 8, 2008 at 3:45 pm
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    No right thinking Latter Day Saint would consider wasting their vote on an anti like Chuck Baldwin.

    Sue, I’m not sure who you “met”, but Baldwin voted to oust the Nevada Party from the CP, WHY? cause it’s leadership is predominently LDS.

    I’m not sure at this point who I’m voting for, but it won’t be Lillburn Boggs in drag.

  3. Porter,

    How is Chuck Baldwin anti-Mormon? Has he ever written or spoken something that you have heard that would indicate that he is Anti-Mormon? He doesn’t agree with all aspects of our doctrine, but that doesn’t make him Anti-Mormon. I don’t agree with all of Baptist doctrine, but that doens’t make me Anti-Baptist. I also have met Chuck Baldwin, when he was in Las Vegas. I was with several other Latter-day Saints. Dr. Baldwin had no problem with any of us. Why didn’t CP try to oust the Utah CP and the Idaho CP then? There were some people at the CP National convention who tried to get rid of the Independent American Party of Nevada, some of whom because there are a lot of LDS leadership in the party. However, some voted to get rid of IAPN because of Christopher Hansen (then IAPN state chairperson and Governor Candidate) who was publically stating making exemptions on the parties pro-life stance. Until you can give evidence that Chuck Baldwin voted to outst IAPN because of its LDS leadership, then you are just blowing smoke.

    • Uncle Dave
    • Posted October 25, 2008 at 2:16 am
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    If you haven’t done a search on Chuck Baldwin and found all the anti-mormon links associated with his articles you might say he is not anti-mormon, but then you would be wrong. Try doing a search titled “Bob Jones does a dance with the devil” by Chuck where he jumps all over Reverend Jones for endorsing Mitt Romney. Come on people do your research.

  4. Uncle Dave,

    You mean this article:

    How is this AntiMormon? Dr. Jones was endorsing a pro-choice candidate who is not a conservative because he was a “little less” liberal. The point that Dr. Baldwin was making, IMHO, is that people like Dr. Jones and groups like Focus on the Family will always endorse the Republican, even if their views and opinions are contrary to their own, yet, at the same, claiming that this is the person who most matches their views.

    So, good try, but next time, try reading the entire article so you understand the context of the article.

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